A light without stars

7 February – 4 March 2018
Galerie pompom, Sydney

This body of work is an attempt to create photographs that challenge their conventional orientation towards the world. These are photographs that do not reveal their subject or point us to a specific place or thing. They are disoriented – turned inward and relying on an inner light – a light without stars.

They have been created through a series of manual, haptic studio processes that were informed by the principles of Karen Barads’ diffractive methodology and use re-photography as their primary technique.

Utilising handheld lights, crystal balls, broken DVDs, movement and long exposure I set up an apparatus that included the photographic print, camera, studio equipment and myself as active participants. It was performative and in some senses intuitive. I didn’t know what would come from the process each time. It was a process of untethering the photograph from any indexical link and asking it to be a part of creating something new – something of the world, not about the world.