Point Farewell

30 April – 18 April 2014
c3 contemporary art space

Point Farewell is a collaborative project by photo-based artists Jo Scicluna and Vivian Cooper Smith that is as much about a process of exchange as it is an allusion to a particular, inhabitable place. An ongoing dialogue between the two artists reinforced a shared attitude towards the photograph as a dynamic object and to the process of ‘place-making’ in their respective practices.

How, then, can two photographers collaborate so that they share ‘ownership’ of a work? Throughout the highly mediated process that is photography, at which point does this exchange occur?

Scicluna and Smith have devised a working model involving the exchange of photographic images. Through a process of physical manipulation or abstraction both the subject and the photographic object are charged with alternative meanings/significance. This process demonstrates the subjective process of place-making and explores the difficulties associated with the ‘place’ and it’s perceived meaning.

What new ‘landscapes’ may emerge through this interplay – this material colonisation of place?

This project was supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria and was funded by c3 contemporary art space.