Concrete Compositions

10 – 13 September 2015
Galerie pompom at Sydney Contemporary

25 June – 18 July 2015
Fort Delta Gallery, Melbourne

This series came from an urge in 2014 to respond to the images of destruction and conflict that seemed to be in every TV news or website I saw. Border conflicts and national identity seem to dominate our lives and yet it can seem so arbitrary to someone on the outside. Walls go up and walls come down in piles of rubble. The role of concrete seemed to be central to this cycle and I started thinking, ‘why not leave the walls broken?’ rather than constantly rebuilding these divisive barriers. So I made some concrete and broke it into fragments that then formed these images in ‘Concrete Compositions’. In some ways it is a celebration of the broken wall; an optimistic look at a world that celebrates difference and diversity and where identity is not formed by having an opposite or enemy.